Character Design

The background to this merely visual project is an upcoming speculative design experiment about a fictional future of CRISPR edited human beings. The aim of this investigation will set up scenarios about sociological, psychological, political and commercial impacts of a new form of human, probably an upgraded version, subverting our species in a near future.

This first visuals will be followed by matching artifacts and scenarios, creating a new (and maybe functional) fiction.

2019 —


In the first step I brought an ink drawing to life.


The new sprout of humankind will be developing its own culture and art, until, at a certain point, they will also claim the old arts for themselves. In this case referring to Leonardo Da Vinci’s „The Vitruvian Man“ and Marcel Duchamp’s „Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2“

Augmented Reality

Not without an augemnted reality setup.

Making Of

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