Game of Pills

Creating a set of rules, a life-size room installation and a board game.


Final Diploma Project in 2016: creating an archive website, an annual magazine and event.

Collection of animations (coming soon)

Animations and videos I created over the years.

Identity (coming soon)

Photo series connecting identity with space and time.

Light installation

Concept and renders for a light installation.

Cover Designs

for the band Poulpe

Title Sequence AHS

Creating a new film intro for American Horror Story.


This study shows photographic results of applying the ruin-value-theory to graphic design.


A selection of playful photographs, digital and analogue.

Show Modeklasse (coming soon)

Creating the branding of the fashion show of Die Angewandte's Modeklasse by Prof. Hussein Chalayan.

PVC Lampshade (coming soon)

Creating and building a lampshade with a special PVC welding technique.

The Essence 18 (coming soon)

Branding, magazine design and orientation system for the annual exhibition of Die Angewandte.

Honest Labels (coming soon)

Creating a guerilla campaign.

Typo experiments (coming soon)

Mixing / experimenting with typography and code.

Branding: Ange Schmiert (coming soon)

Website and print products for the sculpture artist Ange Schmiert.

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