Final Diploma Project
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The final diploma project “Byfive” was created by a team of three students – Andreas Palfinger, Anita Seubert and Sanela Mahic. Reinventing the final diploma presentations for the “graphic and media” department in HTL Salzburg, it made its purpose to transform all the project results in a easy to access, maintainable archive system.
This is achieved by means of an archiving- and presentational website, an annually published magazine and a range of printed products, which announced our concluding event on The 20th of May, 2016 at the new key place for the creative industry in Salzburg, the so-called Panzerhalle Salzburg.
The project managed to get into the quarterfinals of the competition »Jugend Innovativ«.

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→ Printed Products
→ Design Guidelines
→ The Event

Archive Website

The website is first and foremost a clear and organized source of information for the projects and the events.
Additionally, it allows consulting the online archive, ordering the related magazine, and offers contact information.
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Archive Magazine

The annually published Byfive magazine contains 170 pages of excellent graphic and textile design and incorporates various practical tips and tricks suggested by the design students.
The final diploma projects and teams are presented in a personal and honest way.

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Printed Products

During the project various printed products were created.

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Event calendar, which sums up all the other project's events.

Posters with a frosted glass transparency announced our upcoming Byfive event.

For each final diploma project we produced personalized business cards for take away at their respective project stands during the Byfive event.

This map illustration shows the location of the final exhibition.

Design Guidelines

All sections of »Byfive« got a consistent and sober design that embraces all other final projects and presents them as one unit. »Byfive« is conceptualized to do such a task for future diploma projects, keeping the same look and feel over the coming years.

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Name and Logo
The name consists of the three English words »by«, »bye« and »five«. This is an attempt to integrate the phrases “projects made by the fifth grade”, “bye bye, fifth grade”, and “five by five”. The latter comes from american slang and expresses how everything is perfect.
The logo has a purposefully plain design, so as to not to compete with that of other projects. The black framing around the lettering represents the overall concept of »Byfive«, whose purpose is to frame all the other projects.

Introduction Book
This book includes a »corporate design manual«, which establishes a variety of graphic provisions concerning the visual appearance of the project »Byfive«, recommendations for the future of the website, magazine and events are provided as well.

PDF version of the introduction book (9.9 MB)

Grid system
All the different sections of the project's visual appearances are constructed through the same grid system and by using a »1:1.4« proportion.
This guaranties a consistent look and feel – sober and uncompromising.

The Event

The Byfive event has become an outstanding success – not only thanks to the combination of wonderful design projects and the quite unique ambience of the location Panzerhalle Salzburg. The project teams offered their best and proved that HTL Salzburg's department »graphic and media« can do more than just drawing – way more! Besides friends and family, people from Salzburg's creative industry, advertising agencies and even politicians turned up at our event. Opportunities arose for the students to make connections etc.

The 2015/16 graduates truly showed how HTL Salzburg's department »graphic and media« has evolved and how it indeed surpasses itself again and again.

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